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KAM International Welcomes You

Please Feel Free to Indulge - in World Class Excellence

We humbly offer our valued customers simply the best in home fashions and innovative fabric.

KAM is multifaceted - vertical - dynamic
Our products defy mediocrity
Your satisfaction and trust is our top priority

With professional expertise built over many decades in the global textile industry,
Our design artists and expert technicians transform Pakistan’s remarkable abundance
of pure top quality cotton into innovative products.

Treasured among our volume customers are major retailers in Europe and North America.
Exceeding your expectations is our utmost delight.


KAM International actively participates in meeting or exceeding industry-wide standards for ensuring the health, safety and happiness of our workforce and the environment of our local community.

  • • Our advanced technology encompasses state-of-the-art, expertly- maintained machinery, paired with sustainable processes and supply chain controls.
  • • Back-up power generation assures smooth and timely delivery of products by supporting consistent availability of necessary resources.
  • • We value our people. The safety and comfort of KAM’s personnel engaged in production, management, technical support and design services is always our foremost consideration.
  • • KAM is dedicated to adding beauty to life and raising living standards for all our employees, while surpassing the demands of our customers for matchless quality and style.

KAM Cares – About You

Our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

“If you don’t look good, we don’t look good” (Vidal Sassoon)

Our customers are our partners.


KAM is known for its trendy and classic designs which capture the imagination of the audience. Our design studio in USA and UK continuously develop new designs according to the current market trends. New and experimental techniques are devised and perfected in product development using latest CAD/CAM systems and sophisticated technologies with attention to all aspects of design detail. The knowledge of these creative concepts is utilized in creating various product lines with the help of latest styles and color schemes.


KAM International are proud to be one of the best in the cotton ginning industry. Equipped with the latest machineries & technology for ginning and pressing cotton & crushing of cotton seeds. We are the only ones in Pakistan to have the latest state-of-the-art double roller ginning machine for highest grade standards of production The ginning industry is considered to be the backbone of the textile sector and plays a significant role in the economy. Our Mission is to expand our business of Cotton Ginning and Pressing. For that, we mean to increase best quality processing in our unit. KAM International aims for the growth of this Industry.

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Our Aim is to Delivered Best Products