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Our Mission

To deliver most favorable worth to our entire stake controller by not merely being the pioneers in an inventive expertise, but also by making sure that we play our responsibility in the reasonably priced, social & environmental betterment of the region.

Our Values

To adhere to our nucleus ethics of professional honesty &
obligation to superiority while we accomplish our assignment to attain our fantasy.

CEO's Message

`We at KAM International are dedicated to take our industry to the next level with professionalism and brilliance.

Our innovative technology ensures that we deliver the best quality at affordable value, while making sure that our 
processes are energy efficient and environment friendly 
according to our 'Green Initiatives'.

The accreditations that we have received are a representation of our commitment to superior quality, our integrity & our enthusiasm

We look ahead to deliver value to our stakeholders through innovation and by fulfilling our social and environmental 

Ashraf Majeed



KAM has got its own power generation for complete production facility of 7 Megawatt to insure that operations are not affected by power failure or shortage in the city.

KAM is one of very few manufacturers in Pakistan having waste water treatment plant. KAM is on non-stop journeying or progress and adopting new and necessary technologies improving the production efficiency and safeguarding environment

Being one of the largest producers of Flannel products, KAM has installed 14 raising machines for both narrow and wider width fabric followed by export of more than 8 million meters of flannel fabric every year from 125 to 185gsm.

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