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Group Profile


The total annual turnover of the Textile Group is US$ 160 million with a working force of more than 2000 employees.




The company was established in 1994 as manufacturers and exporters of Home Textile products. Founded and leaded by Mr. Ashraf Majid it has become one of the largest and well known export houses in Pakistan, and hold the title of second exporter of bed-linen to Europe. The clients at KAM include some of the largest and known import houses and chain stores from all around the globe. This success has been achieved through hardword, quality service and by meeting the rigid standards of the buyers.

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The annual turnover including USA and Europe is US$ 80 million.




The foundation of this company was laid by Mr. Khalid Majid Qasim in year 1991 as a Spinning, Weaving, Denim and Jacquard manufacturing unit.


MEKOTEX in the last 18 years through sustained growth is now producing 3.1 million meters of Fabric every month.


MEKOTEX is also one of the leading Rope-Dyeing denim manufacturing plants in Pakistan. The range of products include denim fabric from 5 Oz to 15 Oz in regular and special qualities, Twills, Canvas, Dobby design fabric and stretch fabric ranging from 240GSM to 440GSM. Jacquard fabric and panels in solid dyed, yarn dyed, cross dyed. Velvet fabric made with Chenille yarn and fabric made from all kind of fancy yarn in 100% cotton, polyester, viscose, and blended.




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KAM with the backing of its sister company has branched out in the manufacturing of garments under leadership of Mr. Shoaib Majid basically by utilizing its own group production of denims and other fabrics. Being one of the largest producers of Denim in the country it was a natural diversion for the group. Kam has acquired 70,000 sq feet of structure to house its first unit. The structure along with the machinery meets the rigid standards of major brands and is capable of producing the finest garment. KAM International is specialized in woven garment like trousers, shorts, bermuda, skirt, capri pant for adult as well as for children