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S-T-R-E-T-C-H is smart

Denim is the true blue heart and soul of today’s fashion.
Both in apparel and homes – denim’s soft comfort, style
and a full spectrum of design choices assures its longevity.

Denim refines durability

KAM extends denim’s functionality with a variety of weaves.

Combining 3 million pounds of high-class ring-spun yarn with denim is a snap –giving robust strength and resilience using an interlaced warp process, while maximizing dye choices.

From Pillows to PRADA…

KAM’s denim products have never been more popular; from bedding to designer fashions our denims’ versatility is reflected by beautiful function in every dimension. KAM takes pride in offering enduring value to our finished fabric partners and their customers by reliably producing a complete line of absolutely top quality high fashion denims.

Timeless and growing fast,

Denim has deep roots and history in the east and the west.
From 2015-2020, the global market is expected to grow 6.5%, to $153B1!

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