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When it comes to versatility and style, then Jacquard fabric is the name that comes in mind. We put strenuous efforts to render originality and elegance as we truly understand what our valuable clients expect and want from us. We deliver first-rate Jacquard fabric that is processed with finesse and perfection. Jacquard fabrics undergo weaving process. The fabric woven on a loom is known as Jacquard loom. The loom is responsible for interlacing numerous warp threads that consequently delivers unique and stupendous patterns.

Jacquard fabrics are more stretchable than the fabrics made by other weaves. Some of the examples of Jacquard fabric are satin fabrics, drapery fabrics and brocade fabrics. We use variety of fibers to create complex and striking patterns. In order to make worth admiring patterns, the Jacquard loom is programmed to raise each warp that is independent of others thus possessing warp yarn control.

Apparels made by this fabric outstrip other fabrics as it outshines when worn. Jacquard is not limited to shirts but also extends to bedding and other accessories thus becoming more ubiquitous.

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