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Latest Fashion Trends for Homes Exhibited

LAHORE: Colorful fashion show of House of Kamiar Rokni enthralled the launching ceremony of ICI Dulux Velvet Touch the other day.

AkzoNobel Pakistan Chief Executive Jehanzaib Khan, Fashion Designer Kamiar Rokni and large number of dealers of ICI Dulux attended the launching ceremony. The ceremony also included the dance performance of Wahab Shah and singing performance by Sara Haider.

The designs and clothing wore by the models on the ramp highlighted the unique finishes and textures of the Velvet Touch Collection inspired by the lustrous metallic tones, and motifs of silk, linen, and marble.

The Velvet Touch comprised of four thematic collections; classic luxury, elegant romance, creative expression, and modern contemporary and eight special effect finishes and textures.

Commenting on the launch, Jehanzeb Khan said, “Today’s homeowners with a good sense of personal style and individual aesthetics like to add personality, creativity and uniqueness to their home décor. ICI Dulux prides itself in having a deep understanding to its consumer’s aesthetic needs. Velvet Touch brings a whole new dimension - physical and visual; and we are delighted to encourage customers to personalize their world.”

He went to say that the reason behind launch of this product is to innovate a fashion trend in interior designing, as this would attract by people who love their houses. Jehanzeb further informed the audience that in a sample test, 70,000 litres of velvet touch paint was sold in one week.

Expressing his joy, fashion designer KamiarRokni said, “I am very proud to be associated with such a colourful, vibrant high-end luxury product. The richness of the paint is reminiscent of the beautiful textiles we use in our clothing; which allows our collection to blend seamlessly with the launch.”


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