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Kam international has the most advanced and highly computerised equipment for the pre-treatments Department with a highly experienced team of managers, machine operators and automate machinery with all the international standards, protocols and the process requirements for Pre-treatment. Kam International Pre-Treatment Department consist of SInging machine for removal of short fiber from the surface of fabric, Advanced Desizing Machines to remove the sizing agent, Automatic Bleaching Machine with both technologies optical bleaching and normal bleaching. Mercerizing Machine We have recently installed a more efficient and productive Mercerizing machine which has increased our productivity and a systematic Chemical padding machine for Digital Printing.
These advanced and high tech machines made Kam International produce the finest quality Fabric and product as per the customers requirement within the least time frame.


As we are the vertical Unit we have our own inhouse well equipped Dyed Department, highly qualified professionals with the vast knowledge and experience of textile Dyeing we do have the Dyeing Capacity of 12 to 15 lac meter per month. We have the fully computerised high temperature jet-dyeing machine for dyeing cotton as well as all the synthetic fabrics we can Dyeing the fabric with all the three dyeing techniques pigment, reactive and disperse dyeing.


Pigment Dyes

Pigment dyes can be applied on cotton & Pc blend.

Reactive Dyes

Reactive dyes can be applied only on 100% Cotton fabric blend

Disperse Dyes

Disperse dyes can be applied only on 100% Polyester Fabric blend.



We have a highly advanced machine with the latest hydro-extract technology to remove moisture from dyed fabrics, computerised drying machine for instant drying. We also have an automated machine for finishing which gives the fabric a softer feel and improves its handfeel with the help of our advanced high tech machine and with the guidance of the chemicals by our highly qualified team members.our experts always cross check the quality control before forwarding the product towards the next stage.


Cotton ginning in pakistan is one of the major cottage industries in pakistan, its a one trade/processing step between the cotton farmers and the spinners, basically a ginning unit is supposed to procure the raw phutti and process the produce to separate lint from cotton seed. Mekotex established its first cotton ginning unit in district lodhran in 2011, Mekotex established its second cotton ginning unit in lodhran in 2015, this unit comprises of the state of the art imported ginning machinery with lint cleaners, this unit is one of a kind in the whole country, we have been ginning on average 50000-60000 bales per year since 2011. Mekotex’s ginning units have been actively involved with all sorts of sustainable cotton production initiatives, most of our ginning production has been BCI (better cotton initiative) compliant since 2012. We have just started working with cotton connect ( cotton connect is the implementing partner for Primark’s sustainable cotton production initiative to produce REEL cotton). We ll be producing 20000-25000 bales of REEL cotton from now onwards every year with the cooperation of cotton connect.


Kam International has huge department of Packaging, where our latest technology packaging equipment provides Cone size up to 8 lbs. Net weight. We also have variety of packaging source which fulfill our customer needs. Our packaging cartons are strongly waterproof and are also environment friendly. We also provide shrink-wrapped pallet packing for the ease and convenient handling by fork lifter trucks.


Fabrics are often printed with design-pattern and beautiful colors by using variety of techniques and digital equipment. It is the process of transferring pattern, color, decoration or motif of one or more combinations of colors in any one variety of techniques to fabric. Kam International has versatile printing department with complete range of digital-printing, design-studio, and rotary printing machines. We have the total capacity of digital-printing around 1 Million meters per months
approximately. Kam International sells printed designs fabrics to local and international brands on demand and these design prints are light-weight and bottom-weight fabrics. We also have Lario features a host of technical innovations, including bold solutions such as poistioning the printing carriage hanging on the printing bridge. This solitions allows for high-speed,accuracy and total system stability. Lario is now the fastest scanning machine in the world with printing capacity of 3.2 meters per widht with the help of New inline coating system (Chemical).


Textile Printing is one of the very vast textile technique in which one can apply color to the fabric is a definite pattern or Design, In other words the color on the fabric is bounded in such a way with the fiber that it can resist washes and rubbing as well as light.

Printing can be done by using three different form of color which are:
Pigment Colors
Reactive Colors
Disperse Colors


Pigments Colors

Each color Technique does have their own capabilities and properties, the form of pigment color is liquid and can be applicable on both fibers, cotton and polyester or on the blend of both fibers such as PC and Cvc.

Reactive Colors

Reactive printing is the process that can only be applied on fabric that has 100% fiber content of Cotton. We do have certain limitations in reactive color since it can not be applied on the Pc fabric or Cvc blended fabric due to their fiber content. In other words to use or apply Reactive Color the fabric should be 100% cotton

Disperse Color

Disperse Color also does have certain limitations as Reactive printing but in DIsperse printing the fiber content of the fabric must be 100% polyester.

As far as the Printing colors, There are also different printing machine which have their own capabilities which make them unique from each other which includes:

Rotary Printing

Rotary printing machine applies the color on the fabric with the help of rollers which is known as screens which has the definite Patterns of Designs engraved on it through engraving process, Rotary printing does have the color limitation, maximum color that a machine can apply on the fabric is 12 it means the machine does have the limitation on 12 screens per design.

Flatbed Printing

In Flatbed printing the machine does have the same limitation as the rotary machine which in color limitation but in Flatbed Printing a Machine can maximum go for 10 screens per Design while applying raster effect on the screens to increase the color and Sharpness of the Design.

Rotary Printing

Rotary printing machine applies the color on the fabric with the help of rollers which is known as screens which has the definite Patterns of Designs engraved on it through engraving process, Rotary printing does have the color limitation, maximum color that a machine can apply on the fabric is 12 it means the machine does have the limitation on 12 screens per design.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer printing is one of the processes which is only applicable on Polyester fiber since the heat transfer machine uses disperse dyes. The process includes pattern or design printing on the transfer paper and then transferring the color on the fabric using a heat transfer machine. Same as the Digital machine there are no color limitations



Kam international Processing Depart, Dyeing & Printing established in 1979. Kam International has the latest technologies, machines, equipment & high quality chemicals in the processing unit. Kam International has the capability to perform the unique process of converting textile fiber into yarn, fabric and then into product printed or dyes. We hired a qualified management team and professional staff with a standardized working system. Kam International keeps on working to innovate new ideas and to deliver the best quality of product to fulfill the requirements of their loyal and valuable customers.
Kam International processing unit includes Dyeing Machines Printing Machines Curing machine, Steaming, washing, Finishing, Calendar and Sanfor Machine.

Curing Machine

which is used to fix the pigment colors

Steaming Machine

This is the process applied on reactive printed fabric where it is digital,flatbed or Rotary by providing heat to the fabric for fixation of colors.

Washing Machine

applied after the steaming process to improve the Fabric appearance and color sharpness.

Calender Machine:

use to enhance the shine of the fabric and to improve its handfeel.

Sanfor Machine:

Process of control shrinkage of the fabric and providing the fabric more softness.


Mekotex has been in Textile yarn Business for over 3 Decades. The spinning mills are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. The quality department is fully equipped with latest testing equipment from USTER to test every step of the spinning process to ensure high quality and consistency. The yarn is produced for export, in-house consumption and the domestic/local industry. Mekotex spinning division is installed with 107,136 spindles to produce yarn count range from Ne 6 ~ Ne 100. The ring frames are installed with additional specialization to produce core spun Lycra, slub lycra, compact, cotton/manmade blended yarn. In Open End department it is equipped with 1968 rotors with latest ACO 9 machines, fully capable of producing plain and slub yarn with a count range from Ne 6 ~ Ne 30. Overall Mekotex Spinning is capable of producing a maximum of 112 Tons of yarn per day depending upon the yarn counts being spun.


Stitching or sewing is the process of using a thread and needle to connect pieces of fabric together or attach them to fabrics surfaces. Stitching is the simple process whereby fabrics is being mold into a particular shaped or fashioned-cloths with the help of different sewing techniques. Whereas, our Quality Control and Quality Assurance department always ensures and cross check that the developed product is fulfilling the customers’ requirements. Stitching itself a highly specialized or fully functional process, which requires extra care and attention, to formed accurate results. We have high-speed with perfect accuracy stitching machines, and highly-qualified team members that convert the fabrics into different shapes and sizes varying requirements of end users across diverse markets.


Kam international has the expertise to make the finest quality of fabric. We are dealing with the local market and Export market as well with the very wide range of fabrication which include many qualities and techniques in Dobby as well as in Jacquard. Our Finest Quality is T-750 Sateen. Moreover, we produce approximately 3.3 million meter per month. We have Different type of looms which includes 268 Air Jet which has 14 frames with the width capability from 190 cm to 380 cm per month production is 2.2 Million meter, 18 Jacquards we are currently working on maximum Eight Color fabric width from 190 cm to 380 Jacquard machine has the capacity to produce 0.1 Million Meter per month. We do have 120 Sulzer which has the capacity of 0.45 Million Mete per month , 68 Rapier with 14 frames the maximum width that we can achieve is 190 cm to 220cm, per month production of this machine is 0.55 Million Meter.We are experts to work as per the customer requirement and provided time frame.