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We perform various processes with precision and finesse. The processes are carried out via innovative machines that deliver remarkable material.


KAM International are proud to be one of the best in the cotton ginning industry. Equipped with the latest machineries & technology for ginning and pressing cotton & crushing of

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Spinning has been a basic and important component of our process. Our spinning units equipped with imported machines are capable of producing a wide range of materials. We have a

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KAM has one of the most advanced weaving production facilities, having a production capacity of approximately 4 million meters of Denim and other cotton fabrics with a variety of constructions

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KAM has the state-of-the-art vertically integrated processing unit with in-house pretreatment facilities of continuous  bleaching, singeing and mercerizing.

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Our facility, equipped with Monforts Continuous Thermosal dyeing machine, is able to produce up to 1.5 million meters of high grade dyed fabric. Our computerized machinery has the autos

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Our facility equipped with 15-color latest model computerized Reggiani rotaries and 12-color computerized wider width Reggiani Flat belt for photo and panel is capable of producing at high level of

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At KAM we consider quality as a key differentiator and there is a comprehensive and effective system to ensure process optimization in order to obtain output efficiently and effectively. Our

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Equipped with more than 500 high-speed precision stitching machines on advanced switch track handling system in-house, KAM has the capacity to cut, sew and quilt more than 4.5

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