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Contribute To Society, Caring For Water and Energy Conservation

Contribute To Society, Caring For Water and Energy Conservation

KAM is well aware of current urgency of “going green” in order to remain competitive. We aspire to be market leaders and to remain a leader we take sustainability very seriously. Our endeavor is that our products exhibit the bench mark of internationally approved labor & quality guidelines. To this affect, KAM Int’l has partnered with local and international organizations. We are proud to claim that our products and signature series are manufactured with minimum usage of resources. Water, the most essential resource is not wasted but is re-used after being treated in state-of-the-art biologically effluent treatment plant. This ecologically friendly adoption saves us 70-80 percent on water re-use. KAM sets for itself, high environmental friendly targets which are continuously revised upwards. We aim for Zero Hazardous discharge and have painstakingly progressed past the foundational level. Our suppliers are strictly screened for MRSL (Manufacturing restricted substances lists) and our product bear the same testament.



We are commitment to safe our green environment by saving daylight energy consumption. We also enhanced our power generation equipment for efficient and smart productions. We achieve our goal by saving 10.9% of energy for Fabric Processing, and also increase the re-usability of heat and steam
through smart power conversion.


Kam International took another initiative to safe water consumption. We have taken proactive initiative
which measures to treat the water our factories discharge in order to reduce the water’s consumption
and to safe green environment. We also make it available for reuse as surface water by using OZONE
Wash Technologies.


KAM International has always played a vital role in uplifting the community by making attentive efforts
to improve the society they are working in. Our existing and future projects aim to improve and
empower the community from which our workers come from. Our better infrastructure provides
facilities to those most in need and also, makes way for an ecologically friendly carbon footprint.


Every order at KAM International has divided into three major categories; in order to complete the
project timely and more efficiently and to maintain the quality of our products.

Step – 1
Strategic Plan

State the proper strategic plan as per the requirement and analysis. This is our first step to achieve goal and fulfilling it with the help of available resources.

Step – 2
Design & Develop

We are stick to our stated specs; and we focus on our materials, and sources require in details in design & develop phase after being approved by the top-management in the planning phase.

Step – 3
Test & Deliver

And then comes our final execution phase which is testing & delivers, in this phase the order is being completely tested before its deliver to the customer and make assure all the quality concerns has been take place.

Our projects


What our client says

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Our Success Story

KAM International has made consistent efforts in introducing & developing innovative ideas in to the market and providing the complete home-solutions to their customers.

Power supply are being provided to all of our processing units from our own in-house power generation plant, through smart power conversion we increase the re-usability of heat & steam, which help us to save up to 10.9% of energy for Fabric Processing.

Today, KAM International has become one of the Pakistan’s largest textile exporter, supplier and manufacturer by providing a high-quality yarn and fabrics in both the local as well as the international market.


Our commitment towards a greener environment starts from within. Through analyzing our existing power generation and consumption trends, we enhanced our equipment for efficient and smarter ways of production.

10.9% energy savings achieved for Fabric Processing
equipment through smart power conversion

Heat Recovery Boilers with
economizers to reuse heat
produced from power generation

Usage of daylight in processing plants
Heat Recovery Stenters reuse steam generated to re-warm stenters.
Clean Energy Commitment 2021: Planned installation of renewable power generation solar system.


As the world collectively prepares for a global water crisis, KAM International has taken proactive measures to treat the water our factories discharge to reduce the water’s environmental impact and make it available for reuse as surface water.

Adopted OZONE wash Technologies
Purposeful Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with a capacity of 250,000 gallons per day.
Modern Reverse Osmosis Plant for water purification & desalination.
Zero Liquid Discharge initiative liaison with Archroma & Dystar.
Fully functional Caustic Recovery Plant for removing caustic soda from industrial water discharge.


To ensure our approach towards raising our performance standards and compliance levels, KAM International is proud to have partnered with local and international organizations to certify the provision of quality products, produced in accordance with internationally approved labor and quality guidelines

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